We are committed to being the "Supplier of Choice" through product and service excellence. Our emphasis is on being a responsible, innovative business partner providing value-added services to our customers and suppliers worldwide.

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Daisy Investments Ltd. is a leading International Business Marketing and Services Group, focusing on innovative Technological products, various Agricultural goods and Foodstuff , valuable Medical Supplies, quality Textiles and Garments, and strong branded Consumer Goods.

Daisy Investments Ltd., founded in Hong Kong in 1987, looks back on a corporate history of more than 23 years. Long-standing tradition and in-depth experience have led to our core competence today: Business Marketing Intelligence.

Business Marketing Intelligence is based on extensive know-how of our sales and sourcing markets. In our definition Business Marketing Intelligence includes product and application expertise, intimate cultural know-how and sophisticated marketing skills.

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In order to offer better service to our clients, we have been equipped with modernization office facilities and formed a set of international management styles.

Our team consists of experienced specialists in different departments who are experts in their area of expertise and can provide you with exceptional service and support.